Day 1- RGB Thing. Bit like Ambilight.


Philips have this technology called ambilight. that basically lights the rear of the tv, supposedly enhancing the effect of Movies etc.. Well I thought as I have the arduino, id give it a go..


Stage one..  I found a program (Sketch) and design for a RGB moodlight in the book that accompanies the starter kit. It uses PWM (Pulse width modulation) to light 3 LEDS at varying brightness (IE RGB Values).


My Arduino

That worked just fine…

Stage 2: Again on the starter kit there is an application  to accept serial RGB values.. This works from the serial monitor in the Arduino app.. Input R255,G255,255 gives a theoretical white light..


Right now part 3..

I found some VB code that outputs the RGB value at the cursor point to RGB values. That worked also

Finally, I used the serial control to send to the device.. Very rough. I am NOT a developer. But it worked..

Now i have my theoretical ambilight. Im going  to experiment with positions of my mouse to see which ones offer the best effect (Center/Top corner/Top Middle Etc.. Ill keep you posted.

Not bad for a couple of hours messing about..


Hah World of warcraft.. Not sure if you can see the LEDs the same color as my enchants 🙂




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  1. nemanja on

    hi, i am from serbia, i wass follow one project and made midi controler with 6 pot s (just copy paste code) , but, that is to little, i wass kissing door everywhere, nobody wants to help me, with my beginners problems, which is, i hate to learn from books, i need a human to help me understand, how to learn writte a code for one potentiometer(for midi(ableton)) and than to learn from that example to multiplex on the many more(pots), i got arduino mega, arduino duemilanove and 3pcs cd4051 multiplexers. I am totaly beginner so please help. if we could, i realy like to work also in some together projects, best regards!

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