Day 2 – Reason Transport controller

Okay Im getting into this. Its absolutely a doddle.

Decided at 6.30 I would create a (very simple) controller to FFWD,REV,STOP AND PLAY my Reason Transport..

The Arduino is extremely versatile and quite easily lets me output serial data driven directly from the pins. It looks like I should maybe opto-isolate if  i’m using Midi IN but seeing as most of my experiments are going to be controller based, then Midi out is just peachy.

4 Tactile Push to make  Buttons, each generate a midi note, output via my midi cable (Dont forget the 220 Ohm resistor on the +5v Lead Kids..)

* To send MIDI, attach a MIDI out jack (female DIN-5) to Arduino.
* DIN-5 pinout is:                        

pin 2 – Gnd

pin 4 – 220 ohm resistor to +5V          
pin 5 – Arduino D1 (TX)           

*    all other pins – unconnected            

Hacked around with the code at..

(Basically removed the piezo code for now. Until the sensors arrive 😉

Added extra button code


Loaded up Reason

Set up my secondary midi port (Named Arduino)

Used the Learn function to assign the notes to actions.. eg Transport in this case.



Voila. I now have a remote Reason Transport controller…..


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